CAS 0416 Spring Campus Life

By Madeleine Dodge

As an American college student, I came into college with many expectations about my classes, the people I would meet, and the experiences I would have. To most American students, college represents a pivotal point in life when you learn who you really are and what you really want to do.

My first day of college, I was extremely nervous. As my family helped me move into my dorm room, I realized that I was taking a big step forward into my future. I would be living on my own for the first time and having to fend for myself. Meeting my three roommates was scary at first, but I was relieved to find that they were all easy to get along with and fun to be around. I thought moving away would mean losing a big part of myself, but I learned it also meant gaining an entirely new part.

Now, almost to the end of the semester, I feel like I’m getting the hang of college life. Everyday I wake up, go to class, study in the coffee shop, then eat dinner with my friends. On weekends, we like to watch movies, go downtown, or have dance parties whenever and wherever we can. There’s always something happening on-campus, like waffles in the lounge or game night in another dorm, and I love being able to meet new people at different events.

Life in Portland

I love Portland. The rain makes me feel creative and I’m always looking for a new spot to curl up with a good book or finish my history paper. The downtown area is full of tasty restaurants and fun places to hang out with friends. On Saturday mornings, there’s even a weekend market where you can pick out local produce, homemade bread, and fresh flowers. People from all over the country come to Portland to indulge in the artisan coffee, giant bookstores, and quirky art.  Image result for powell's books images

Overall, I’m very happy at Lewis & Clark College. Everyday I learn something new on our beautiful campus, and I’m surrounded by others that also love to discover new things.

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