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Hongxi Li

Hello, My name is Hongxi Li. The “xi” in my name pronounces as “she” in English. You can already tell I am a foreigner from my last name since “Li” is a popular last name in both China and Korea. I am from the southwest part of China. It is one of the poorest places in China because there are mountains all surrounding us and it was hard to build roads to connect to the outside in the past.

As a “countryside child,”  I didn’t get any advantage from our undeveloped hometown. However, my hometown is one of the most suitable places for living in China. The weather there is moderate in all seasons. The air in my hometown is also pretty fresh (maybe not as good as Portland. Portland’s air is amazing!). I grew up climbing mountains and backpacking through forests, but I found myself comfortable living in the urban life. This is because I am a person who enjoys being alone and relaxing. In a way, I like the feeling of the silent view of beautiful nature and separating from crowd of busy urban life that I find at Lewis & Clark in Portland, Oregon. Is is kind of complicated, isn’t it?

I made up my mind to study abroad in my second high school year. The most important reason is that I wanted to experience a different type of educational system.  I see this opportunity as an adventure to test myself to see if I am mature enough to move forward into the adult world. I chose Lewis & Clark mostly because it is a city and because of the environment here, which I find myself enjoying the most: the combination of nature and urban life. I am interested in philosophy, psychology, literature and other humanity studies. I love them because they share one common feature: the sense of human intelligence and aesthetic appreciation. If you want to know more about me, you should come and meet me at Lewis & Clark and meet other interesting people.

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